A garage story

More than 15 years of professional experience, the successful implementation of more than 40 EU projects, and a vision of many millions of satisfied customers were the prerequisites for creating the brand “Spirit of Pandora,” a food supplement in the form of a powder. The development process as well as the testing itself lasted for about a year. All this taking into account and applying the latest global trends in the food industry. Why in the form of a powder? The answer is simple – the optimization of costs that are associated with logistical and shipping activities.

We can proudly announce that the results of our creative work highly exceeded our expectations in the form of a non-traditional vitamin and energy drink (antioxidant drink and coffee under development). The drink not only includes 13 vitamins and 3 minerals, but also extracts from 6 super fruits, 5 herbs and 3 vegetables. There are more than one hundred certified health claims devoted to vitamin and energy drinks in conjunction with vitamins and minerals. When it comes to herbs, fruits and vegetables, there is currently no EU directive that would regulate the verified health claims. If it existed, the number of validated health claims would be even higher….

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